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Support Local Businesses

Our hand-curated gift boxes let you show your local pride with snacks and home goods from some of the city’s best makers and artisans. When you shop with San Antonio in a Box, you’re sending support to our small business community — and a delightful taste of San Antonio that your recipient will absolutely love.

Customer Love

First of all, I want to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed her SA in a Box.  Being a graduate student, she has her moments of wondering if she will ever be out of school.  It was a very well timed “pick me up” to brighten her day.  She loved it all but the absolute favorite was the churro popcorn.  I think she would be perfectly happy sustaining life on it. 


San Antonio in a Box is my new favorite gift to give (and receive)! We were first gifted one by my husband's company and it was so fun getting to try all of the unique items. Plus, it was really cool that his company was able to personalize the box with their logo. I have now ordered multiple boxes for housewarming gifts, hostess gifts, and many more fun celebrations! I love that I can choose my own items but that they also have pre-made boxes for when I'm needing some inspiration. Most of all, I love supporting local businesses and learning about items I've never heard about that are right here in my city. Order a San Antonio in a Box and you won't regret it!


I just received my San Antonio in a Box and I love it! I am originally from SA and this is such a great idea and a fabulous gift! It definitely makes me miss my home town!! Thank you to my cousin Ursula!! I so love this gift!! Great products!!

P. Jones